Church of Saint Sebastian – Castel Ritaldi

Posted in Historical Goods Recovery

Owing to the harm effect of the 1997 earthquake, the church was affected by several damages, particularly into sacresty and on eastern transept, which were also caused by a cave in ground.

The work of consolidation and restoration consisted in reinforcing the structure over all, making it more functional, and giving a more pleasant general aspect.

The upper level of the building was fixed using a set of materials compatible with the original ones, about both wooden and iron elements. In those cases, the most damaged parts were fixed by a re-building intervention and, on the other hand, the more stable sections were implemented with concrete injections.

Regarding the bell tower, damaged sections were replaced with new ones. The church ground and its basement were consolidated by cement inserts. The intervention in both the upper and lower parts of the church revealed also the existence of XIV century frescos, which were restored.