Krea Costruzioni was born after the acquisition of the previous company Giovannini Costruzioni, which had been working in the field of public and private building for more than 60 years. From this union, Krea Costruzioni acquired a complete and deep know-how that allowed the company to get fully skilled and competitive in the field of public and private building.

The capability of the company to approach successfully different areas of building business, ranging from infrastructures to airports, from industrial to civil building, from urban to historical renovation, is the result of the integration between professionals featuring a previous experience in all the building sectors and the Giovannini Costruzioni heritage.


The main goal of the company is the complete fulfillment of customers’ demand, as well as the never-missing compliance of every step of the work with the current regulation. This target is always reached accounting, on one hand, the competitiveness of prices, above all in comparison with market competitors’ behavior, and, on the other hand, the income growth.

In order to accomplish this result, over the years Krea Costruzioni has gradually gained all the strategic and technical tools that could result effective to get a competitive and leadership position in the market. This successful work is witnessed by the high-level certifications progressively acquired by the company and by the participation to outstanding tenders as well.

Krea Costruzioni is also well-known for its commitment as General Contractor, which implies designing and realizing any project on behalf of a client in compliance with all the technical and functional requests and expiry date as well.

The whole activity come to be carried out by the exploitation of a designing and shipbuilding organization fully controlled and managed by the company, as well for the suppliers taking part to the tender, and always in compliance with the current regulation about the “turn-key” project option.