Intervention of “Barcaglione” bridge repairing, S.S. 16 “Adriatica”

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The viaduct known as “Barcaglione” is placed in Comune di Falconara Marittima (AN), between the 293+471 and 292+782 kilometers of S.S. 16 Adriatica.

The bridge was built in the early 1970s and has a length of 302 meters, allocated to axes and connectors, made out of a single 10.60 meter-wide bridge with a two-channel system. It is composed by 7 equally-long spans.

The bridge is made up by a 22 cm (7+15) layer held by a 3-beam trellis in C.A.P., connected by 5 concrete sleepers for each span.

The layerstacks have a 43.30-meter wheelbase and a plain frame, with two rectangular-shaped stems and a connecting parallelepiped pulvino on the top. The beam light is 41 meter on the basis of supporting axes.

The whole structure has been certainly affected by the recent earthquake occurred in the Umbro-Marchigiana area.

The repairing intervention has been fulfilled through two distinct approaches:

  • At first, the whole and precise fixing intervention of the single frame element surfaces (layerstacks, pulvino, bridges and curbs) has been carried out, with a combined work on both the concrete layer and metal structure. The external repairing intervention has been executed in relation to the different level of deterioration the surfaces were affected by. The work has been based on the previous rebuilding of the original section of the damaged elements, which had been formerly circumscribed. The rebuilding work consisted of removing the damaged concrete until a rough surface suitable to the restoring material application was obtained.
    As a second step, the metal structure has been completely recovered from the deteriorating effect of the rust and then covered by a layer of mortar to rebuild the original structure. Eventually, a protective coating has been applied.
  • Afterwards, the whole structure has been made earthquake resistant by the building of eligible earthquake-resistant frames, able to guarantee that the whole bridge is earthquake resistant both longitudinally and transversely. The keeping frames have been made out of concrete blocks (Rck >40 MPa) extradossly anchored to the pulvinos.
    Every span has been provided with longitudinal hooks made with 3+3 opposed nuts, the size of 80x90x50 centimeters, placed correspondently to the beam heads and grouted to the pulvino by the use of highly-resistant materials. Therefore, cross-sectional stiff earthquake resistant structure devices have been put up, made with four 250x40x50 centimeter sized nuts, anchored to the pulvino as well.

At the end of the work, beam supports, which were placed at the edges of the bridge, were removed.
The work has been almost completely fulfilled by the use of scaffoldings and airborne platforms, without interfering with the normal SS16 Adriatica road traffic.

Contracting authority ANAS S.p.A., Marche Viability Department