Nursery School Building – Amelia

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The new NZEB nursery school was realised in Comune di Amelia, specifically in Camerata, and it was arranged to host 6 streams of pupils.

The building was inaugurated on December 2016 and its building work took 10 months.

The whole structure occupies an area of 1.163 mq, and the whole realisation cost amounted to 1.731 € per mq.


Energy efficiency

FOCUS PASSIVE BUILDINGS – January, 25th, 2017

Thermal tests were executed during a non-stop period of 48 hours and all the rooms and the thermal parameters were monitored. The survey revealed that all the rooms, regardless of outdoor climate and temperature, had a constant and similar indoor temperature.

The 48 hours running test took 82,6 kwhe and produced 487,4 kwht, with an average COP of 5.30.

Extrapolated electrical consumption amounts to about 13.424 kwh per year, with a global cost of 2.685 € per year and a kwh cost of 0,20 € per kwh.


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