Re-urbanizing intervention on the earthquake-affected area of Accumoli (RI)

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After the earthquake of the last August 26th 2017, which has devastated and destroyed the historical urban center of Accumoli (RI), a little town in the middle of Umbro-Abruzzese Apennines, the company Krea Costruzioni has placed a construction site nearby the earthquake-affected area. In this place, 20 specialists, such as architects and technicians, have been working to secure and consolidate both the urban area and the cemetery in the proximity.

The new urban center, which will have the function of new accommodation for Accumoli dwellers, will be grounded on the hill close to the previous residential area and it will include two housing parts, globally collecting about 70 housing settlements.

Krea Costruzioni has worked for the complete installation of urban primary services about foundation and building of a new urban area, such as hydraulic and sewer system. The whole work is supposed to be accomplished within June 2017.

This construction site has been guided by Agostino Giovannini as technical director and Antonio Servi as construction site technical director, in collaboration with Alessandro Matticari as technical assistant. Krea Costruzioni staff has 4 offices, 2 canteens, 2 changing rooms, 1 meeting room and 8 dormitories, for a total capacity of 32 people.

The Krea Costruzioni motor pool includes 6 big tracce escavators, 2 small escavators, 2 rubbered mini-shovels, 12 four-axel lorries, 2 rubber/iron rollers.

Nicola Zingaretti, Lazio region Governor, visited the construction site accompanied by the Public Building supervisor and other elements from the Civil Protection Department, and asked for the consolidating work development.

Krea Costruzioni committed to work in all the areas of Umbria, Marche, Lazio and Abruzzo regions damaged by the earthquake and, in order to closely and effectively support local people to re-build their life, the company has established two new operative headquarters, one in Norcia (PG) and the other one in Ascoli Piceno province.

Krea Costruzioni, as part of Giovannini Costruzioni group, gained a long time experience about earthquake damage managing and fixing, as shown by the urban intervention the company carried out after the 1997 earthquake that involved both the Umbria and Marche areas.


SAE Foundations

New foundations have been being built to support new SAE accommodation buildings for people.


All the earth-moving works have been carried out to create new roads and pedestrian urban paths.

Building, flooring and finishing works

All the new buildings are provided with the domestic plants and they are finished as defined by the project.

Sewer system

The sewer system is supposed to be provided with water depuration system and rain collecting tanks.

Water and gas supplying plants

These plants must provide every housing unit with water and gas.

Outdoor lighting, electrical plant and telephone line

The outdoor lighting is realized by the use of LED technology and every housing unit is provided with electrical supplying system and telephone line.