River Chiascio Steaming

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Diga di Casanuova sul Chiascio, Valfabbrica (PG)
The work of maintenance and reinforcing of the right river bank has been accomplished by the building of a raising on the river bank to stop the bank movement toward the valley.

The whole structure extends on a 15-hectare surface, with a maximum height of 43 metres.

The most part of the materials used to embrace the river bank and stop its sliding came from the riverbed, in order to use eco-compatible materials and make the whole framework water-resistant against river waving movement.

Other elements came to complete the project:

  • column reinforcing D 600 mm, applied by the use of the “deep mixing” technique
  • ground-reinforcing with micro pales D 90/260 mm
  • draining metal pipes D 1.000 and D 1.500, 8,9 mm thickness
  • natural escarpment stabilisation by the application of a double-twisted metal net
  • change of course of Tragino moat with natural engineering interventions
  • local detecting, measuring and controlling activities