Krea Costruzioni
realization of Public and Private Works

Giovannini Costruzioni - foto storica Krea Constructions has inherited all the know-how of the Company “Giovannini1 Constructors,” which has operated in the construction industry for over 60 years, and today its activity is characterized by a consolidated presence in the realization of public and private works.

The long lasting experience of “Giovannini Costruttori,” the presence of professionals in the various sectors and the specialized competences acquired in all construction spheres in which the company operates allowed it to obtain and develop specialized knowledge in all the construction sectors leading to the completion of roadwork, airport works, hydraulic works, works of consolidation and defense of the Italian territory, works of civil and industrial construction (included the accompanying technological implants), completion of industrial sheds, urbanization works and works of restoration of historical buildings and monuments.

The primary operative objective of the company is the respect of contracts’ stipulations and specifically the delivery of a finished product that satisfies the client and the user. This objective must be reached while maintaining the competitivity of our prices compared to the market and seeking to improve, if possible, the company’s profit.

To reach this objective, Krea Constructions has acquired, through the years all the instruments and essential know-how to acquire a position of leadership in the market and set itself apart from the competition by providing a superior service and high-level professional expertise. To support this objective are also the company certifications relative to the quality and participation of the company to important, high-level procurement.

Krea Constructions acts as a General Contractor, which consists of realizing the work on behalf of the client, in accordance with the estimated costs, and following the technical specifics defined in the design phase and within the estimated times. The activity is carried out through our own project organization and construction site organization, with the total handling of the supplier that participate to the contract, in the respect of all the existent laws regarding the criterion defined “turnkey.”


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